💢 ActionTypes

Is a tool for the development and support of both coach and athlete.

An athlete’s individual needs and preferences are woven into their personality and motor skills from an early age. As a result, a coach has NO other choice but to join this.

An approach in which the coach applies his own experience (be like me) or everyone with the same brush (one size fits all) will not work!

Through ActionTypes, the connection between the emotional, cognitive and motor becomes insightful.

From early childhood we move in our OWN typical way, these structures are so manifest and woven into our natural patterns that they must be respected.
It is also NO coincidence that we encounter a wide variety of personality differences, motor styles and technical differences in all kinds of sports.

4 Dimensions

Personality indicator distinguishes 4 preferred dimensions:

Extrovert vs Introvert – STIMULATE – How do you direct your attention?
Sensory vs Intuitive – EXPERIENCE – How do you absorb information?
Thinking vs Feeling – DECIDE – How do you make decisions?
Judging vs Perceiving – LIFESTYLE – How do you feel about your environment?

Bertrand Théraulaz and Ralph Hippolyte

Ralph Hippolyte and Bertrand Théraulaz, top-level sports coaches, have developed the typical actions approach.

Development of tests allowing the diagnosis of profiles based on motor skills: profiling of


  • Identification of four families of athletes
  • Identification of the 4 letters MBTI: 16 profiles (the body does not lie)
  • Identification of deep motivations (transform the 16 MBTI profiles into 192 shades)