“Mastering the Art of Balance in Your Baseball Swing”

Balance is crucial in a baseball swing. As we’ve discussed in a previous post about pitching, you can use your lower body (hips) more to initiate the movement (Trigger) or rely more on your upper body (shoulders), depending on whether you’re dealing with a high or low mobile point!

When it comes to balance, it’s often said that you should have your weight perfectly centred in the middle of your feet, but it’s not always that simple.

Approximately 50% of people feel more comfortable with the majority of their weight (about 70%) on their heels, while the other 50% feel more at ease with most of their weight on the front of their feet.

👉 The same principle applies to your grip!

Your grip is important because it’s directly related to your balance. If you feel comfortable with a particular grip, it can help you maintain your balance.

You might find that you’re stronger with a grip that favours the last three fingers of your hand or leans more toward your thumb and forefinger.

The best grip for you depends on whether you’re a pronator or a supinator, which is one of your Individual Natural Motor Preferences

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