See the Spin of the Ball

Have you ever asked yourself why some hitters can exactly see the spin of the ball and others have trouble with it?

It all comes back to the natural individual motor preferences of the individual.

In the world, we have about 50% of High-Frequency Observers and 50% Low-Frequency Observers.

Their perception strategies are extremely important in sports and as a coach, we have to respect them.

High-Frequency can already read the effect on the ball and thus the spin at some distance in flight.

A Low-Frequency individual, on the other hand, hardly succeeds in doing so! He will only properly estimate the effect if he first focuses his attention on the pitcher’s movement and checks its subsequent effect. In his way of perceiving, he therefore initially blindly focuses on the context. With him, a functional equilibrium is created when the integration of the information moves from peripheral to central vision

For High-Frequency it is just the other way around. Hence, with their high-frequency observations, they are strong-spilt second decision-makers.

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