Pitchers and Knee Injuries

Has anybody ever questioned what the reason is that more and more pitchers are exposed to knee injuries?

Posterior Muscle Chain Athletes should not turn until their feet lift off the ground after rebounding. If he keeps contact with the ground and the COG is low, the joints and ligaments in his leg will steadily but irrevocably break.

So if this athlete is taught completely outside and the opposite of his individual motor preferences, staying over the rubber and ‘corkscrew’ would make him a concentric player, insead of the plyometric one he is naturally. 

Add to that, that these types of athletes are asymmetric individuals and will never have their weight evenly distributed over both feet.

PM Chain athletes must always have their shoulders move 1st because their shoulders ‘ place’ the foot!

Their starting position will be higher, with less knee flexion and feet as wide as shoulders, which will create a plyometric dynamism.

As long as coaches have no ‘respect’ for the motor preferences of their players, the chances are very high that they will unconsciously harm their athletes more than they would help them.

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