From Conventional Coaching to Mastery: Human-Centric Revolution in Baseball Education

Traditionally, when it comes to teaching sports techniques, we usually start by introducing a specific method to the player and aim to get them into the right mindset. We want them to adopt the right approach, and this approach is often based on what (we think) the best players in the world are doing.

Now, with the #BaseballActionID approach, we take a different perspective. Instead of immediately focusing on the technique, we start by understanding the individual player and their uniqueness. By knowing their specific needs, we can then tailor the technique to fit them best. So, in essence, we begin with the person rather than the method. 

Our goal is to provide them with the best tools and guidance for all aspects of the game! How to pitch, hit and field the ball in the most effective, efficient, and healthy way possible. We want their movements to be natural and unrestricted, allowing them to perform at their best.

It’s a departure from the common practice where we often force a technique onto a player.

In the case of #BaseballActionID according to the ActionTypes method, the primary focus is on ensuring that throwing or hitting the ball is a natural, free-flowing process. The player’s body is at the centre of our attention, not just the technique, because ultimately, technique/mechanics is just one aspect of the player’s abilities.

In many cases, we’ve been following the same approach for a very long time, dating back to our school days. We were taught by a ‘coach’ who might have had a teaching style that worked for us, but we didn’t consider how each individual learns differently.

The key here is understanding that we need to tailor our teaching methods to the individual’s unique needs and natural abilities, which are given to us by nature. 

So, the important thing is to recognize and embrace an approach that takes into account the individual’s innate abilities and natural inclinations.

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