Innovative Pitching Coaching: Harmonizing Data Analytics and Motor Preferences

We can talk all we want about data and pitch design in baseball, but before we can get the best results, we need to understand how each pitcher prefers to move their body. If we don’t, we won’t get the best results!

Because Pitching from a position of strength has nothing to do with laws of science but with laws of individual motor preferences! 

Knowing how each person naturally likes to move. For example, are they Anterior Muscle Chain or Posterior Muscle Chain dominant athletes? Are they Horizontal or vertical-oriented athletes? Do they have a high or low point? Which is their motor shoulder? These are just a few of the preferences that affect how they pitch and move in general.

Before we can teach players how to throw and pitch, we need to figure out their preferred way of moving and know each individual motor profile! Many of today’s injuries happen because we try to teach them to move in ways that don’t match their natural motor preferences.

You see, you can’t apply mechanical rules to how people move because everyone is unique. Our bodies are naturally built to move in specific ways. From a young age, we learn how to deal with gravity, and this shapes our muscles and bones. Even before we’re born, our brains create connections that determine how our muscles work throughout our lives. We call these connections “motor preferences.”

So, instead of making athletes move in a specific way just because a book says so, or because it seems like a good idea, or even because it might give us better data, we should instead take the time to understand how they naturally like to move. We should create an environment where they can freely explore and express themselves.

It’s crucial for coaches to know a player’s motor profile, but even if they don’t, coaching with the right intent can still lead to good results. The body naturally organizes itself to achieve the goal, as described by Bernstein’s principle, as long as we’re moving in a way that feels right for them.

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