What is wrong with Alek Manoah

Lots said about Alek Manoah’s struggles

The distinction lies in ‘Alek Manoah’ being a Posterior Muscle Chain athlete instructed to prolong his stay over the rubber, causing him to adopt movement patterns resembling those of an Anterior Muscle Chain Dominant athlete.

Respecting an individual’s natural motor preferences is crucial. Excessive focus on technical aspects while disregarding innate inclinations diminishes awareness of the external world, leading to increased injury risk, mind-body disconnection, and performance decline.

Pitching is particularly susceptible to these issues, impacting timing. The human body operates in two states: fully engaged or disengaged.

When pitchers consciously concentrate on refining or correcting their mechanics, they trade off attentiveness to external factors. As a result, the synchronization of “space and time” breaks down, leading to timing breakdowns.

Timing issues occur when external influences deviate individuals from their natural motor preferences.

Embracing individuality and the mind-body connection is essential.

Each person perceives the world uniquely, influenced by position and perspective. This applies to movement and skill acquisition. Different outcomes arise from teaching specific techniques due to diverse body adaptations. Recognizing the body as the master and the brain as the servant is crucial. Listening to the body’s signals and honouring its needs is vital for well-being and optimal performance.

Regarding pitching:

Altering pitchers’ mechanics without understanding their natural motor preferences, whether to “fix” mechanics or obtain different pitch-shaping data outcomes, can be partially achieved by athletes. However, it requires intense concentration on movements misaligned with their body’s tendencies.

The price paid is being “out of context” due to excessive focus on the “how,” hindering perception and response to the surrounding context. Command issues and increased injury risk often result.

Concentrating solely on technical aspects reduces attention directed to the external environment.

What is the purpose of throwing a ball without considering the context?

Ultimately, throwing becomes a lottery, yielding both good and bad results.

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