“The Truth About Hip-Shoulder Separation: Unveiling the Key to Peak Performance in Baseball”

After coming across a post from a respected authority in the world of pitching discussing ‘separation’, commonly known as ‘hip-shoulder separation’, it’s clear that there’s a significant misunderstanding or lack of knowledge in the Baseball community about this subject.

The main point of contention is that roughly 50% of athletes around the world use a hip strategy, while the other 50% prefer a shoulder strategy to enhance their movements. This difference is simply because each individual’s body is uniquely built by nature.

It all comes down to the flexibility of the spine. Some athletes have a high mobile point, which allows their shoulders and pelvis to move independently or dissociated. On the other hand, others have a low mobile point, which means their shoulder and hip movements will work in tandem.

Teaching or promoting Hip/Shoulder separation (in both pitching and hitting) without considering these natural motor preferences can be harmful, especially for players with a low mobile point. For them, their body’s natural tendencies make the hips and shoulders work together in sync.

The interaction between the stable and moving points is crucial, but unfortunately, it’s not well understood by most people. This is normal because it is not always easy to understand, like the many books on training, in almost all sports, where mainly dissociated models are highlighted, appearing more harmonious from an aesthetic point of view.

The Mobile Point is one of the ‘2 ABSOLUTES’ in Motor Preferences and is fixed and unchangeable. Trying to alter or influence this ‘ABSOLUTE’ would definitely cause serious harm and lead to severe injuries.

In conclusion, it’s crucial for the Baseball community to fully comprehend Motor Preferences in general. Embracing the variety of strategies based on individual body types will result in more effective and safer approaches for athletes, ensuring their long-term durability and overall well-being.

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