Why Corey Seager’s 2023 Performance Outshined 2022: The Secrets Behind His Conceptual Motor Skill Mastery

Corey Seager tweaked a few things in his Hitting technique over the years.

To some, these changes might look small, but they actually had a big impact!


By making these adjustments, Corey Saeger landed in his natural motor skill family and that’s the Conceptual Motor Skill Group.

Without diving too deep into the technical stuff, let’s focus on a couple of significant changes he made in his swing.

First off, notice how Corey does a little pre-toe tap before starting his stride.

This is needed for the type of athlete Corey is. These type of athletes wants to stay in motion and have short plyometric and high-frequency foot contact especially with the right foot. Doing this he gives himself the feeling to stay in motion.

Because as a Posterior Muscle Chain athlete, he doesn’t do well with a stop-and-start system.

After that toe-tap, you’ll notice that Corey’s weight leans more towards his right side!

A Conceptual Motor Skill Athlete, like Corey, is asymmetrical, with more weight on the right side.


Well, this is a natural ‘property’ to help prevent lower back issues. (By the way, Corey dealt with lower back problems earlier in his career.)

Next, notice how Corey’s shoulders play a big role.

They’re the driving force, moving from high to low. Athletes like him need to kick off their movements by letting their shoulders drop vertically toward their hips.

It’s a key part of their motor skill properties!

Finally, check out how there’s less load of his back glute (he used to have a bit of a ‘corkscrew’ move). Now, his upper body takes the lead.

This is totally natural for a guy like Corey, who’s a posterior muscle chain athlete.

They initiate movement with the shoulders!

It’s clear that Conceptual athletes have many more distinct qualities, but here we just wanted to highlight a few obvious ones in Corey’s case.

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