High vs Low Mobile Point

As we know by now from the previous posts, the mobile point is a coordination zone around the spine responsible for the coordination of the shoulders with those of the pelvis. 

It is an area that also allows you to create a kind of relay between the lower body and the upper body and vice versa. 

We all have a stable area in the back that interacts with a mobile area. Some have a stable zone at the top of the back (L8) and a mobile zone at the bottom of the back (L5), such as Manny Ramirez While others have a stable area in the lower back and the mobile area in the upper back, such as Cody Bellinger.

Although both player profiles reach a very high level, they are using completely different techniques.

In Manny Ramirez’s case, he has a motricity that we called associated with a body, which means hips and shoulders work in tandem with each other.

On the other hand, Cody Bellinger has what we have called dissociated motricity, with a preference for having a certain independence between the movement of his shoulders and that of his pelvis. 

The cooperation between the stable point and the moving point is very important, unfortunately, misunderstood by most people. This is normal because it is not always easy to understand, like the many books on training, in almost all sports, where mainly dissociated models are highlighted, appearing more harmonious from an aesthetic point of view. 

Yet when a person is coordinated like Manny Ramirez, even if they are associated, they are still quite pleasant to watch move. 

PS – This is the same in PITCHING

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