Mobile Point and Commanding the K-Zone

    We already know from previous posts that the combination of your mobile point and whether you are a vertical or horizontally organized player will dictate your most healthy, efficient and energy-saving arm slot.

    These 2 motor preferences are irreversible and cannot be changed without exposing the individual to serious injuries!

    Commanding the strike zone has nothing to do with so-called mechanics!

    In the world of pitching, we constantly hear people talking about having a “repeatable delivery.” But let me tell you, it just does not exist or should I say It is impossible!

    It’s impossible to perfectly do the same movement with one part of your body every single time, especially when it comes to doing something as complicated as pitching. It’s kind of like how people can’t even write their own name the exact same way twice.

    So Commanding the strike zone is all about the ability to master your mobile point!

    You can see your mobile point as your coordination point, which is RESPONSIBLE for the coordination of the whole body!

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