Vertical or Horizontal Organization

Probably totally non-existent knowledge in the world of Baseball, but the most important thing to know before you can even start talking to your player about his ‘movement’!


Knowing if your player has a Vertical or Horizontal organization is without a doubt the most important knowledge a coach should have, before even talking to or instructing him. Being Vertical or Horizontal is the most steadfast motor preference in the movement organization of a human.

If you change this or teach Horizontal ‘properties’ to athletes with a Vertical organization or vice versa, this will definitely lead to a big injury!!!!

All techniques are very different according to either having a Vertical or Horizontal organization:

* You don’t pull the same

* You don’t push the same

* The body just moves differently!

All this has to do with how you as an individual align yourself with the gravity vector, with your vision, your inner ear and how this all is linked with your cerebellum and the way you integrate this with the gravity vector!

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