Justin Verlander’s Anterior Muscle Dominance & his link with ‘The Global Family’ Motor Skill Group

During fetal life, our brain has developed preferential nerve connections that will activate certain muscles that will be dominant throughout life – These are MOTOR PREFERENCES

There are 4 main groups of motor preferences and one of them is the Global Family, These are the people that are ‘Walking from the Bottom’ or Anterior Muscle Chain Dominant individuals with a low mobile point.  

Justin Verlander is a member of this group

This means that JV is a symmetrical individual, and will primarily rely on his hip movements and favours using his larger muscles over fine motor skills, with his wait on the back of his feet and he will keep his actions close to his body and maintain a stable base on his heels. 

It’s important for him to focus on his overall body positioning, when giving instructions to a person like Verlander it could be challenging and almost impossible to make precise adjustments away from their body.

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