Hip-Shoulder Separation

After running into a post of a leading person in the world of pitching talking about ‘separation’, for most people known as ‘hip-shoulder separation’.

I can only conclude that there is still a big misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge in the Baseball world regarding this subject.


About 50% of the world’s athletes will use a hip strategy and the other 50% of the world will use a shoulder strategy to accelerate their movements, this is inherent to how the individual body is built by mother nature.

All this has to do with the question of where the spine is most flexible!

Having a high mobile point (shoulders & pelvis can rotate independently/dissociated) or a low mobile point (shoulders & pelvic work in synergy)

Working or teaching Hip/Shoulder separation could be very harmful to plater with a low mobile point!

Because these athletes’ body is created by individual natural motor preferences in which the hips and shoulders will work naturally in ‘TANDEM’!

Only Athletes with a high mobile point (T8) have the natural possibility to have a hip-shoulder separation.

The Mobile Point is natural and irreversible, whoever does not respect this natural quality as a coach will expose his player to severe injuries!

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