Navigating Individual Motor Preferences Beyond Technology’s Reach in the 21st Century

Despite advancements in technology, the increase in Pitching injuries since 2000 suggests that athletes possess individual motor preferences that cannot be accurately measured by software.

Attempting to correct mechanics outside these preferences, even with sophisticated biomechanical labs and cutting-edge tools, often proves futile.

Identifying delivery issues with pitchers, for example, requires a nuanced approach that accounts for each pitcher’s unique abilities and natural motor preferences.

It’s crucial to recognize that individual motor patterns defy precise measurement by software or broad generalizations.

We all acknowledge that each individual is different, yet, paradoxically, we often treat everybody the same way.

* Standard recovery protocols for rehab throwing programs
* Uniform pitch counts
* Consistent post-outing rest periods are commonplace, disregarding the unique characteristics of each athlete
* ……..

This standardized approach overlooks the individuality that should guide us in tailoring programs and protocols to the specific needs of each player.

By integrating this understanding into our methodologies, we can truly embrace the diversity inherent in every athlete, fostering not only their performance but also their long-term well-being on the baseball field.

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