Pitching Instruction: Beyond Equal and Opposite Elbow Angles

Currently, we are still reading posts and articles written every day by leading figures in the pitching world. Who are still talking a lot about the concept of “equal and opposite elbow angles” and seem to treat it as a general rule for instruction. 

However, this viewpoint is quite misleading. 

The idea of having perfectly equal and opposite elbow angles will naturally apply to athletes whose anterior muscle chain is dominant. These athletes are symmetrical athletes and are, therefore, more symmetrical in their movements.

On the flip side, Posterior Muscle Chain Dominant athletes are not symmetrical; they are asymmetrical in their body structure! Depending on which subgroup within this PM group they belong to, they will tend to operate with more asymmetry towards either the left or right side of their body.

So from a motor preferences standpoint, it’s crucial to understand that if you aren’t absolutely certain about the specific individual motor profile of a pitcher (or player in general), you should avoid teaching or instructing techniques or movements.

Instead, it’s better for both you and the pitcher to focus on coaching the intention behind their actions.

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