Embracing Individuality: The Body-Mind Connection

Every person interprets the world from a unique perspective, influenced by their position and angle of observation. The same applies to movement and skill acquisition. Teaching a specific technique may result in varied outcomes because each individual’s body transforms and adapts differently. Understanding that your body is the master while the brain serves as the servant is crucial. Listening to your body’s signals and honouring its needs is essential for maintaining well-being and optimal performance.

Transferring this to Pitching:

When we change a pitcher’s mechanics without knowing his individual natural motor preferences, in order to ‘fix’ his mechanics or to have a different data outcome on pitch shaping, your athlete might be able to do that till a certain point. But this would take much more energy because he needs to concentrate so hard to do that particular movement which doesn’t match the way his body is built.

The price they need to pay for this is that they will be ‘out of context’, because of the big focus on the ‘HOW’ and will no longer be able to see/recognize the context around them, which could lead in a lot of cases to command problems and than I am not even talking about injury creators.

The ‘COST’ you pay to concentrate on being conscious of the technical aspect of the skill will REDUCE your attentional skills to the outside!

And what’s the purpose of throwing a ball without a CONTEXT?!

At the end of the road, you throw the ball like a LOTTERY, sometimes it’s good & sometimes it’s bad!

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