4 thoughts on ““Thrilled to announce our first article is now published in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper!”

    1. That’s awesome to hear! I’m really glad you found the article to be helpful and informative. It’s great that it was able to address some of your questions about how our bodies function in relation to sports. And yes, the information presented in the article should be applicable to all sports! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

  1. Hello,
    I also found your research article fascinating. This analysis as far as I’m aware
    has never been discussed. It says wonders regarding how for instance ( as a baseball hitting coach ) a hitter trying a new technique whether it be lifting the leg higher, ( not my approach ) or old school balance stride with proper load and hip turn could feel foreign ( to the naturally athletic kinesiology of the individual ) a player that started naturally with the leg lift etc..
    I’m not positive about my understanding of your article 100%, but what you discussed makes a whole lot of sense when trying to improve motor skills and how to better analyze ” the best technique or method” to instruct. Now, having said that Mental Training aspect to me has never been explored either in the College ranks or even Professionally enough. ( based on conversations/ written with the NY Yankees so called Mental Trainer a few years ago.

    1. Individual Motor Preferences and needs that characterize athletes have been woven into their personalities and motor skills from an early age, such that coaches and trainers have no choice but to join them.

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